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wethenew first European Drop-Off

wethenew is a platform that connects resellers and Sneakers addicts. Since 2017, the French start up is growing fast to conquer the European market. 

With a constantly growing and active community, wethenew entrusted Flyaway with the design of its first drop-off - first dedicated point of contact and drop-off of sneakers in Europe : L’Annexe.

In this space the goal is to transcribe in a tangible way the DNA of wethenew but also its concept. 

The key element of the brand is its top of range urban identity. We took inspiration in the industrial and logistical environment revisited in a premium and minimalist way. The design of the Annexe retakes the codes and the graphic symbols of the industrial warehouses used for storage and parcel dispatch. A minimalist and sophisticated global identity to echo the field of expertise of the brand throughout a ludic and evocative design for its community. 

Design Environment

Behind the welcome desk, there’s a trap in which the staff members pass the sneaker boxes for authentication. This opening is hidden with opaque slats to evoke the codes and the symbols of logistic platforms. We wanted to suggest this space of authentication behind the desk without seeing what is going on there, you can only see shadows.  

Suggest the premium authentification service through the materials

This staging suggests a quality service in which the product slides into the aluminum conveyor,  arrives and is treated directly in the authenticator's desk.